11 Readers Share Their Most Embarrassing Pet Potty Stories

It’s a good thing dogs and cats are so cute and lovable, because their bathroom mishaps can make you want to run for the hills. Perhaps your pup has cleared the room after pooping in a public place, or maybe your kitty peed on your bed while you were in it. Whatever mortifying potty-related thing has happened to you, know this: We’ve been there, and so have many of our readers. In fact, we asked our Facebook fans to share their most embarrassing pee and poop stories — and we have to say, they are truly cringe-worthy, but also quite funny. After all, the best way to get over a humiliating moment with your pet is laugh about it (after cleaning up the mess, of course).

Out of the hundreds of submissions from our fans, here are our 11 favorite embarrassing pet bathroom stories.

Cringe-Worthy Pet Bathroom Tales From Our Readers

Autumn goes trick-or-treating.
Trick or Treat?

"We took our dog trick-or-treating one year. She had ample opportunity to go to the bathroom in the many grassy areas on our walk, but chose to take a giant dump in someone's driveway instead! It was too big for my doggie poop bags, so I had to ask the homeowners for a plastic grocery bag to get the rest. It was very embarrassing, but we will always remember the Halloween that Autumn gave a trick instead of a treat!" — Tami Ohl

Cooper the Lab goes in the ocean.
We've Got a Floater

"We went to South Carolina last summer and took our 8-month-old, three-legged yellow Lab, Cooper, to the beach along with his older sister, Sadie. It was Cooper's first time to the ocean. Well, we were swimming and yes, oh yes, he pulled a Marley. Only he pooped in the water and it was me that was trying to get the poop with a poop bag with the waves going. Thank goodness he had solid poop and not the runs. He was so excited, and what was really embarrassing was after it took me a while to collect the poop in the waves (all the floating poop), I looked up as I tied the poop bag and there were people laying on the beach, pointing and laughing." — Sherry Scott-Mauritzen

Jay the Papillon
How to Leave an Impression on a First Date

"I almost missed a first date because my little senior rescued Papillon, Jay, had an IBD 'blow out' just as I was about to leave for the date. Luckily, that date, who is now my husband, was just as patient and not easily grossed out then as he is now! We still laugh that my excuse for being late for our first date involved the words 'explosive diarrhea!'" — Christina Merten

Cheyanne the dog did her business in NYC.
Watch Out, NYC

"This is my girl Cheyanne. I took her to NYC to visit my mom and aunt. While we were there, my little princess doesn't like to poop where there isn't any grass or it's not her yard. Never taken her on a trip, I didn't realize she was so picky about her bathroom choices. She refused to poop. She finally had a major case of diarrhea on the sidewalk in Tribeca. Needless to say, I had to call my mom on the 39th floor to bring me a bucket of water and paper towels so I could clean the sidewalk in NYC. And I'm not sure who was more embarrassed: me, my mom or Cheyanne. But that was the cleanest sidewalk in NYC that day." — Amy L. Dawson

Cocky the dog left a mark on his owner.
Just Staking His Claim

"This handsome fella is Cocky. I had gone to the local animal shelter just to look, but I had been planning on eventually adopting a dog. I saw this bundle of joy and I just had to hold him and play with him. I wanted to go home and think it over, so I left. After running some errands, I noticed that I had dog poop down the front of my shirt, and there's no telling how many people had seen me walking around like that. I immediately got back in my car and drove to the shelter. The way I saw it, he had already claimed me, so I might as well make him mine. Ten years later, as he's laying across my lap on the couch, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. That little puppy has added more to my life than I could have ever imagined. Plus, I didn't like that shirt very much anyway." — Gretta Smith

Colbie the Westie made himself known in Trump Towers
The No. 2 VIP

"This is Colby. She is my super sweet, 10-year-old Westie. My husband and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and stayed in the penthouse suite at the Trump Towers. We got VIP treatment, as did Colby. Well, Colby had to do her business and we took her down to the doggie area and waited and waited and waited. She just went No. 1. So after about 30 minutes, my husband and I start walking back to the room with Colby on a leash. When we get inside the hotel, right in the middle of the lobby, I feel Colby stop. I look down and she is pooping in the lobby of the Trump Towers! To make matters worse, she was doing her famous 'poop walk' where she walks and poops at the same time, so we were chasing her around, cleaning up!" — Jennifer Rutlidge

Snoopy the Chihuahua does his business on cue at the vet.
A Patient Who Listens

"Our 12-year-old Chihuahua, Snoopy, went to the vet for his annual checkup. The vet turned around to get the test tube and said, 'I'm going to need a fecal sample.' As soon as he said that, Snoopy squatted and pooped right on the table. The vet said, 'Smart boy. He must remember how this is done.'" — Amy Beth Ladd

Stephan the cat with his owner
What a Party Pooper

"This is Stephan. I moved in with my grandma about four months ago and brought him with me. My grandma threw a party 'just because' when, in reality, it was for me to meet people so I wouldn't be lonely in the new town. A lot of people left around the same time, and when they went into the little doorway room, my cat was laying next to their shoes... peeing. He peed a steady stream for about a minute. Not many people wanted to visit me again." — Mariah Loiselle

Marlie the rescue dog goes to the bathroom in a store.
Doing Business in Style

"This is one of my rescues, Marlie. She loves to go for car rides and field trips, however, when she does, she gets nervous and has to poop. I am a store manager for a local store. I needed to go to my store for a small issue, and I took Marlie. When we got in the store, she proceeded to squat and poop in the store, in front of all the customers and associates working. Of course, she was wearing one of her finest dresses at the time. Ugh, so embarrassed I was!" — Susan Read

Paeroh the dog interrupts a sleepover.
An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

"One time, a friend and I were having a sleepover and we were in the living room. Around 5 a.m., we were just waking up, and it was completely dark, when all of the sudden I hear the horrible sound of farting and diarrhea. My dog Paeroh (pronounced 'Pyro') was in his crate near me and apparently had some tummy issues. The stench was nauseating, and I nearly passed out from the fumes. I immediately gasped, and my friend, in the darkness on the other side of the room, whispered 'Hey, do you need to go take a shower?' Funniest misunderstanding ever." — Brandee Vezer

Charlie, the dog who had an accident in the middle of the street.
A Routine Traffic Stop

"This is Charlie. A few years ago, my roommate was walking him to go use the bathroom across from our apartment, and as he was walking in the middle of the street, Charlie decides that then and there is a good place to take a poop. Literally, in the middle of the road. Cars had to stop and wait for him to finish doing his business." — Ashley Sitz

While an embarrassing pet bathroom moment can be funny, you won't be laughing if it turns out to be caused by a medical problem. If your pet's poop or pee seems out of the ordinary, or if he accidentally ingests human food or an object, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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