10 Cute Pets Wearing Sweaters

Dr. Marty Becker's article, "Do Any Dogs Really Need to Wear Sweaters or Coats?" inspired us to look on our Facebook page for photos of your cute canines and kitties wearing winter gear. When it's so cold you can't feel your fingers and toes, just remember: Although the weather outside is frightful, a cute pet wearing a sweater is delightful!

10 Dogs and Cats Dressed Up for Winter

Facebook via Lillian Russo


What a fashionista! Pooky's fetching bubblegum-pink fair isle sweater reminds us that just because it's snowing, you don't have to skimp on style.

Facebook via Robbin Robinson

The Purple Sweater Gang

Sorry, if you don't own a purple sweater then you can't be their friend. We kid, we kid. We just can't get enough of these Shih-Tzus clad in violet.

Facebook via Sharon King

Bada Bing

Bada Bing proves that felines are absolutely fabulous in sweaters too.

Facebook via Andrew Amuso

Buster Brown

Wintry weather only makes Buster Brown appear more handsome in his blue-and-white striped sweater.

Jovie and Lola

Facebook via Melanie Stein

Jovie and Lola

These precious pups — Jovie and Lola — sure seem comfy and warm in their lovely outfits.

Blackjaw and Shadow

Facebook via Edwina A. Halsey

Blackjaw and Shadow

Blackjaw and Shadow look like they just can't wait for a romp in the snow. They definitely won't shiver in that cold-weather gear.


Teddy, you've just warmed our hearts with that heart-patterned jumper.

Facebook via Marion Schwartz


Adorable Goldendoodle Gracie is all bundled up and ready to go outside and play.

Facebook via Debbie Edmondson


It's so refreshing to see an adorable pooch like Katy wearing a shirt depicting one of our favorite soda brands. No offense, Pepsi fans.

Facebook via Gladglori Glad


Sweater? Check. Booties? Check. OK, Cori, we think it's safe for you to have a snow day now.


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