Gift Guide: 12 Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Keep your animals from stealing your socks this holiday season by hanging their own stockings from the mantel. Here are our top picks for fun, stylish gifts for all the furry and feathered ones in your life.

12 Great Pet Finds for the 12 Days of Christmas

Orbee Mints toys

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mint

The toys made from Planet Dog’s super durable Orbee-Tuff material can hold up to even the heartiest of chomping, which means this retro candy toy should keep its shape well into 2012; $10.95.

Simply Fido Holiday Reindeer Rope Toy

Simply Fido Holiday Reindeer Rope Toy

Forget soap-on-a-rope stocking stuffers — dogs get a much more stylish (and safe) version with a limited-edition reindeer rope toy from Simply Fido, champions of organic, nontoxic toys made with the company’s trademark PureWaterWash process; $9.99.

Pawgua Water Bowl

Pawgua Water Bowl

This new 15-ounce water bottle from Pawgua is 100 percent BPA-free, comes in a bevy of colors and features a carabineer, so you can snap it onto a leash or belt loop. Shipping is included in the price, and a lifetime warranty makes this a goof-proof gift for any on-the-go dog; $15.

Jonathan Adler Dog Bone in Chevron

Jonathan Adler Dog Bone

The cult-popular home decor designer is a big dog devotee. These cotton yarn bones come in a preppy green-and-blue or poppy pink-and-orange chevron pattern and, as the label says, make for nifty gifties; $12.95.

Crocheted Catnip Snowmen

Trixie + Peanut Crocheted Catnip Snowmen

Let’s face it: If you tried to crochet these yourself, your cat would likely never get to play with the finished product. These miniature snowmen are stuffed with catnip — and still look handmade crafty; $5 each or three for $12.

Cardinal Crazy Cat Catch-A-Bubble

Cardinal Crazy Cat Catch-a-Bubble

Cardinal's bubble "hardener" not only keeps the pet-safe soap bubbles in the air longer, but it also makes them easier for kitty to catch; $7.99.

Cat Dreidel


Multipet Dreidel Hanukkah Plush Singing Dog Toy

If your dog is a Hanukkah observer, he can take this plush singing dreidel toy for a spin; $11.99.

Martha for PetSmart toy

Martha Stewart Pets Feather Dangler

Martha wrote the book on stylish accessories, but with toys like this feathered feline in her new pets collection, she clearly knows how to keep cats in tip-top shape. Available in red or green; $4.17.

Marshall Tic Tac Toe Ferret Blanket

Marshall Tic Tac Toe Ferret Blanket

Keep your ferret’s mind sharp with this interactive game blanket decked out with bells — along with movable Xs and Os; $10.99.

Jungle Talk Plane Swing

Jungle Talk Plane Swing

Who says caged birds can't fly? This colorful plane swing inspires exercise — and cute photo ops; $9.99.

'Catviar' Treats

Catviar Treats

These bite-size — and affordable — replicas of Beluga Caviar are made with all-natural ingredients, like immune system-supporting fish oil and decadent fish roe to tickle her taste buds; $6.99.

Le Bone Appetit Lox Catnip Toy

You may be saving the real smoked salmon for your holiday table, but your cat can also get a taste with this plush lox toy filled with something that will really put her in a festive mood: catnip; $5.99.

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