10 Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Feline

Do you have a finicky furry friend on your holiday gift list thisyear? You're in luck! We've rounded up the coolest cat-approvedproducts to bring you purrfect gift ideas for everykind of cat — from the curiouskitten to the most refined feline.

Any one of these special gifts could make your residentkitty purr with pleasure and maybe, just maybe, like the present this year evenmorethan the box and wrapping paper it came in!

Cat Gift Guide 2013

cat collar

Credit: WoofWear

Puddy Tat Collar With Silver Fish

Here’s a little something that's both fabulous and functional for your feline fashionista! These colorful Italian leather collars, adorned with cute little silver fishies, are sure to make your kitty the envy of the catwalk.

Puddy Tat Collar With Silver Fish, $19.99 at WoofWear.us.

corner desk lounger

Credit: CatsPlay

Cat Corner Desk Lounger

The Cat Corner Desk Lounger offers a special place for your cat to do what he does best: supervise your work. This plush bed sits on the corner of your desk, secured by Velcro. Big enough for most cats to stretch out, the lounger is equipped with 3-inch rails to help keep him from taking a tumble off the side. Your kitty will love his new spot, but we suspect you may still find him snoozing on your important papers now and then!

Cat Corner Desk Lounger, $55.30 at CatsPlay.

cat lounger

Credit: Imperial Cat

M.A.X. Easy Chair With Scratching Ottoman

Here’s some furniture you won’t mind your cat scratching! This two-piece scratcher set is a feline-sized chair and ottoman for your cat to use as his lifestyle dictates. Sprinkle some catnip on it and your cat can scratch, lounge, play and nip to his heart’s content, without ruining your furniture (or stealing your seat, for that matter). This sturdy set is made in the United States from 100 percent recycled materials and can even go into the recycling bin after your cat is finished with it.

M.A.X. Easy Chair With Scratching Ottoman, $55.95 at CatClaws.com.

cat lounger

Credit: Peach Industries

Kitty Lounger Mini Cat Hammock

What cat wouldn't like to lounge in a hammock? The Kitty Lounger Mini offers a comfy place for your cat to laze around. The soft cotton washable cover easily slips over a VOC-free birch plywood frame to cradle your kitty. Slightly higher sides keep him feeling safe and secure while he snoozes the afternoon away. Just a few inches off the ground, the Kitty Lounger Mini is perfect for cats under 15 pounds, particularly for those with mobility issues.

Kitty Lounger Mini Cat Hammock, $59.99 at PeachIndustries.com.

kong cat toy

Credit: Kong

Kong Kitty Thrasher Catnip Toy

Soft and cuddly yet with long, crinkly fins, this cat toy is perfect for playtime and snuggle time. Oh, and did we mention it houses some killer catnip? Available in three colorful characters: Clown Fish, Shark or Angel Fish.

Kong Kitty Thrasher Catnip Toy, $4.99 at Amazon.com.

cat bed

Credit: Nekochan Enterprises

Neko Nappers Cat Sleeping Bag

For cats who love to burrow, now there’s a perfect little sleeping bag for your snuggle bug. The Neko Nappers Cat Sleeping Bag is super plush with just a touch of crinkle inside to make it interesting. Kitties enjoy sleeping both on top and inside this cozy cat haven. And if you think a sleeping bag with cat ears on it is cute, just wait until you see your cat all cuddled up inside.

Neko Nappers Cat Sleeping Bag, $35 at Nekochan Enterprises.

cat treat toy

Credit: PetSafe

Twist ’n Treat Cat Toy

No holiday wish list is complete without a treat dispenser! The Twist ’n Treat wobbles as your cat plays, dispensing treats sporadically and keeping your kitty interested. This dishwasher-safe toy can be adjusted to your cat’s skill level. Simply fill it with your cat’s favorite treats or kibble and make him work to get the reward — appealing to your little tiger’s prey drive.

Twist ’n Treat Cat Toy, $3.99 at PetSafe.net.

cat scratch cabin

Credit: KatKabin

The SkratchKabin

A cat bed and scratcher in one, the SkratchKabin is like an amusement park for cats, providing your kitty with a comfortable, safe place to sleep and a convenient place to get his scratch on. The SkratchKabin comes in three colors, complete with a machine-washable KatKushion, a toy hanger and sisal mouse.

The SkratchKabin, $99 at KatKabin.com.

cat tower toy

Credit: Petstages

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Talk about a party! This stacked play station is perfect for one, two or more cats to get in on the fun. Several balls spin and roll through three spiraling levels. The toy’s sturdy plastic frame is built for fun, ensuring hours of pleasure for your furry friends.

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy, $20.99 at CatToys.com.

cat toy

Credit: Petco

Bergan Whirly Pop Cat Toy

When you purchase the Whirly Pop, prepare for tons of entertainment for your cat — and for you! Watch your cat jump, pounce and stalk the Whirly Pop, only to see the bright orange toy remain completely still. Then get ready to laugh yourself silly as the Whirly Pop “pops” up and surprises your kitty, starting the crazy game all over. Of course, be sure to supervise your feline friend while playing with any small toy to ensure he doesn't swallow any part of it.

Bergan Whirly Pop Cat Toy, $3.49 at Petco.com.


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