14 Things That Cat Owners Know to Be True

If you live with a feline companion, you know that cats can be quirky and totally entertaining. (Even if they’d never admit it in a million, trillion years.) Here are just a few of our favorite cat-isms, some with sandpaper tongue firmly in cheek. Did we miss any of yours?

1. Cats are relaxed.

Cat Sleeping

2. Very, very relaxed.

Cat Stretched Out

3. Until the millisecond they decide they’re not.

Crazy Cat

4. A cat appreciates a litterbox, but doesn’t always need one.

Cat on Toilet

5. Cats show their love and affection to their owners in various ways. Some of those ways include a dead mouse.

Cat Hunting

6. Cats love water.

Cat Drinking Water

7. Just not a lot of it.

Wet Cat

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