5 Reasons an American Curl Might Be the Right Cat Breed for You

American Curl cat breed
Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography
The American Curl's unique ears are a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation.

The American Curl'sname doesn’t refer to his coat — instead, it’s an homage to his backward-curling ears, which are adorned with long tufts of fur. Learn more about this typically friendly, loving cat and whether he might be the right cat breed for you.

They tend to be sociable.

Typically affectionate and sociable, the Curl tends to like people and often has a fondness for children. He’s also capable of getting along with other cats, as well as cat-friendly dogs.

They’re often playful.

It's not unusual for the Curl to play fetch. He may also appreciate learning new tricks and solving food puzzles.

They come in many colors.

The American Curl’s coat can be long or short haired and comes in any color or pattern.

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Have You Met the American Curl?

Their ears are their signature characteristic.

The American Curl's unique ears are the result of a spontaneous natural mutation, which is common in the feline world. Curls are born with regular ears, which don’t start to curl back until they are about 3 weeks old. However, not every kitten’s ears will curl — some will remain straight.

They tend to like high places.

Like many cats, you’re likely to find the Curl perched somewhere above the ground — that is, when he’s not sprawled on your lap or following you around.

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