A Vet Talks About Her Foster 'Failures' — and Why She Decided to Keep the Pets Forever

Sometimes a Letting Go

Then there's Emily, the rambunctious yellow Lab who arrived looking like a skeleton after being found wandering the western Everglades. Heartworm disease and a repulsive-looking skin condition almost got her euthanized but we couldn’t give up on her. I kept her for six months, way more than my household should have been able to tolerate (what with her penchant for chasing chickens). Luckily, my failure was only partial given that she found her forever home right across the street.

These are my most recent failures. Over the years there have been plenty more: Bruno, Miss Brown, Tybalt, Lazarus… shall I go on? No, I won’t. Because if you’ve ever taken in a foster pet, I’m sure you understand.

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