Christmas Countdown: Dogs and Cats Celebrating the Holidays

We’re counting down the days until Christmas, and our pets are, too. So each day this week, we’ll share our favorite fan-submitted photos of dogs and cats celebrating the holidays. We even included some adorable photos of our own Vetstreet staff animals waiting for Santa (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Christmas is one day away, which means there’s still time to send us a picture of your pet decked out in his holiday best. Share your photo on our Facebook page and check back tomorrow to see if we're featuring your furry friend!

1 Day Until Christmas

Dogs waiting for Santa Paws

These three friends heard that Santa has loaded up his sleigh and is headed their way — and they're ready to greet him with plenty of Christmas kisses.

Mia the world's cutest rescue dog

Andrea Serio, Vetstreet

Who's the world's merriest rescue dog? Mia the Pit Bull, of course! Ho, ho, ho!

A cat sits on Santa's lap

All this cat wants for Christmas is to not sit on this strange man's lap. And also some catnip.

Baby the Pit Bull in her Christmas hoodie

Andrea Serio, Vetstreet

Baby the Pit Bull knows that she's on the nice list this year — and she's ready for Santa's arrival.

Dolce the cat dressed as Santa

Andrea Serio, Vetstreet

Dolce the Pixiebob knows she saw Santa last Christmas. He came down the chimney (as expected), ate some cookies and left a bunch of wrapped boxes for her to shred.

Pebbles the Yorkie hangs out by the Christmas tree

Pebbles the Yorkie broke the standard holiday fashion rules this year and opted for a more summery look. You go, Pebbles.

Roxie the Pit Bull is ready for Christmas

Have you heard? Roxie the Pit Bull is actually an elf! And all her life she thought she was a dog.

Dewey the Border Collie wears reindeer antlers

Dewey the Border Collie once saw Prancer, Blitzen and Dasher in his backyard. He tried to meet the famous reindeer, but when he started toward them, they flew off. Well, you know what they say: If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

Sandoval the cat dressed up as an elf

Though Sandoval the elf really enjoyed working in Santa’s workshop this past year, he's hoping that next Christmas, more children will ask for feather toys and catnip.

Blaze the Boykin Spaniel wears Christmas jammies

Clad in her Christmas jammies, Blaze the Boykin Spaniel woke up every morning in December and checked the tree for presents. So far, no luck. She’s giving that Santa guy two more days. After that, he can just forget it.

Sir Charles William the Beagle sits in Santa's lap

Sir Charles William the Beagle asked Santa for a lifetime supply of squeaky toys and treats. But he’ll settle for a year's worth, if need be.

Winter the Miniature Poodle wears a Christmas tree dress

Winter the Miniature Poodle is the most beautiful Christmas tree we’ve ever seen.

Buddy the Poodle and his friends are ready for Christmas

It’s not Christmas unless you have a Poodle, an alligator, an owl and a plush Santa doll together in the same room.

Dixie the rescue Lab loves playing the snow and spreading cheer.

Dixie the rescued Lab knows that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by barking loudly for all to hear.

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