Cute and Funny Snapchats of Our Pets

As if pets aren't adorable enough, people are using Snapchat and its selfie lenses, stickers and filters to make them even cuter.

We asked our Vetstreet team and contributors to share snaps of their adorable dogs, cats and birds — and the results are almost too cute to handle. Scroll through our photo gallery to see a Shiba Inu in a flower crown, a piece of Pit Bull toast and the most kissable Pug ever.

Pets as Forrest Gump, Hippies, Puppies and More

Mia is a piece of toast Snapchat

Andrea Serio via Snapchat

Mia as a Piece of Toast

Pass the butter and jam. Mia the Pit Bull looks like a delectable slice of bread.

Cosmo as a hippie Snapchat

Melanie Kramer via Snapchat

Cosmo the Hippie

Groovy baby! Cosmo the Lab mix is all about peace, love, harmony and music festivals.

Willy as Lion/Donald Trump Snapchat

Mikkel Becker via Snapchat

Willy as a Lion/Donald Trump

Willy the Pug is having a bad hair day.

Mandy is Forrest Gump Snapchat

Meredith Hooker Williams via Snapchat

Mandy as Forrest Gump

Mandy, a 9-year-old Shiba Inu mix, is suddenly saying things like: “Life is like a box of chocolates” and “I’m tired… I think I’ll go home now.”

Queen Bea is the best Snapchat

Laura Cross via Snapchat

Bea Is the Best

Bea the Pomeranian really is the best. And don’t you forget it.

Lulu is very smoochable Snapchat

Susan Segrest via Snapchat

Lulu the Kissable Pug

We’d like more kisses from Lulu the Pug, please!

Arlo is a puppy Snapchat

Dr. Mary Fuller via Snapchat

Arlo the Puppy

Arlo the Shiba Inu wonders if this lens is too meta. He also wonders what meta means.

Harper is like whatever Snapchat

Kim Campbell Thornton via Snapchat

Harper Is Whatever

Harper is so over Snapchat. No more selfies, OK?

Figgy is a rainbow Snapchat

Andrea Serio via Snapchat

Figgy Is a Rainbow

One of most well-known Snapchat lenses is the one where you puke a rainbow. Figgy the conure doesn’t need it — he looks like a rainbow already!

Blaze says Aloha Snapchat

Laura Cross via Snapchat

Blaze Is on a Tropical Island

Blaze the Boykin says, “Aloha!”

Dolce is a pro at Pokemon Go Snapchat

Andrea Serio via Snapchat

Dolce Caught Them All

Who needs Pokémon Go? Dolce, a Pixiebob, has been hunting real life Rattatas for years.

Keeper and Harper and rainbow Snapchat

Kim Campbell Thornton via Snapchat

Keeper and Harper Under a Rainbow and Clouds

Keeper (left) and Harper (right) are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are kind of meh about rainbows.

Baby is on a tropical beach Snapchat

Andrea Serio via Snapchat

Baby Is in Paradise

Baby the Pit Bull just needs a tropical drink in her paw, and she’ll be in paradise.

Grizzle wears cool shades Snapchat

Amy Sinatra Ayres via Snapchat

Grizzly Sports Cool Sunglasses

Nice shades, Grizzly! This senior Lab is the coolest.

Iris wearing flower crown Snapchat

Dr. Mary Fuller via Snapchat

Iris Dons a Flower Crown

Whether you’re at Coachella or at a wedding with a boho vibe, flower crowns are all the rage — and the one on Iris the Shiba is simply stunning.

Do you love Snapchat as much as we do? Be sure to add us! Our username is vetstreet. And, if you want to join in on the fun, send us a snap of your pet with one of the selfie lenses. Sometimes the app may not recognize your pet's face. But, don't worry; you can still add stickers, write captions and draw to your heart's content. The more creative the snap, the better!

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