About Dr. Andy Roark

Andy Roark, DVM, MS

Dr. Andy Roark is a practicing veterinarian at Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Greenville, S.C., where he lives out his dream of caring for animals and educating their owners on optimal pet health.

Dr. Roark is also the founder and managing director of a veterinary consulting firm, Tall Oaks Enterprises, LLC, as well as a member of the VetPartners consulting group. While in veterinary school at the University of Florida, Dr. Roark served as one of the first national presidents of theVeterinary Business Management Association (VBMA). He currently serves on the NAVC Program Committee, the Veterinary Team Brief Advisory Board and the National VBMA Advisory Board.

A nationally recognized veterinary writer, speaker and thought leader, Dr. Roark pens regular columns forDVM Newsmagazine and Veterinary Team Brief.

Dr. Roark is also a dedicated concierge, chauffeur, storyteller, dress-up fashion consultant and diaper changer for two young daughters.

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