Dr. Khuly’s Top 10 Gifts for Animal Lovers

Books make great gifts, as my recent post on the subject attests, but not everyone’s a book lover (though I may never comprehend this, it’s nonetheless true). That’s why I’ve put together this fun list. In keeping with my desire to offer you a selection of awesome pet-health-related gifts every year, here’s 2013’s holiday gift guide for animal lovers:

1. Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Dog DNA Identification Test Kit. This was on last year’s list. But now that the 2.0 version is out, this well-respected at-home test is even more sensitive and specific than ever before. For $79.99, it’s just too much fun to pass up. What mutt lover wouldn’t want to know more about their pet’s parentage?

2. Tagg the Pet Tracker. So I recommended this one last year too. What’s different, though, is that this year’s version of this popular GPS tracking device offers an “Activity Tracker” function as part of its online software. Tracking the difference in activity levels between pets is SO much fun. It might even help you manage your pets’ weight and identify health concerns early on.

Grumpy Cat Wearing Dogtek Cat Cam
Grumpy Cat models the DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Video Camera.

3. DOGTEK Eyenimal Cat Video Camera With Built-In Night Vision. Ever wonder what your cat does at night? Where your wayward terrier is escaping through the fence? Consider getting this super-cool gadget to help you keep better tabs on them. It’s a night vision video cam for the pet set. I’m impressed it’s only $99.

4. Blackfish. Considering a trip to an animal theme park that offers marine mammals for your entertainment? Watch this documentary (recently released on DVD) before ponying up an admission fee. If you’ve watched it already, consider gifting it. For less than $25, this is on my to-gift list for sure.


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