Great Gifts for Dog Lovers: Labrador Edition

Considering that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States, it's no surprise that many of us have a Labrador lover on our shopping lists this holiday season. And that's perfect, because there's a wide variety of fun Labrador Retriever-themed products out there.

From tasty treats (for humans!) to home goods and more, we've rounded up a few of our favorite Lab products for this great holiday gift guide.

Gifts That Are Perfect for Labrador Retriever Lovers

Black Dog Brewing Co. Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas
Great Big Canvas Black Dog Brewing Co. Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas

Craft beer is nearly as popular as Labrador Retrievers these days, and the trend is continuing to grow, so you'll probably want to hop on this gift for the IPA-loving Lab owner on your list.

Great Big Canvas Black Dog Brewing Co. Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas, $129.99 at Wayfair

Mutt Lynch Winery 2012 MBF Zinfandel
Mutt Lynch Winery 2012 MBF Zinfandel

MBF stands for man’s best friend, and Lab lovers know that this phrase could have been created just for this breed! A bottle of red wine celebrating that bond is a fabulous option for the 21-and-over folks on your list. The gorgeous photo on the label just can't be beat!

Mutt Lynch Winery 2012 MBF Zinfandel, $28 at Mutt Lynch’s website

Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Puplife Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Looking for an adorable and affordable gift? This sweet salt and pepper shaker set features a yellow and a chocolate Lab. While they’re very cute and fairly traditional, they avoid being too precious. 

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, $14.99 at Puplife

Labrador Puppy iPhone 6 Tough Case
CafePress Labrador Puppy iPhone 6 Tough Case

Got friends who are constantly busting out their phones to take photos of their Labs? Maybe they even use those cellular devices to FaceTime with their four-legged friends when they're apart. Hey, we don't judge. But we do believe they'd love a fetching (and protective) phone case featuring a drawing of a puppy like this one!   

Labrador Puppy iPhone 6 Tough Case, $29.99 at CafePress

Labrador Retriever Throw Pillow
Zazzle Labrador Retriever Throw Pillow

Some Lab owners might say that a little dog hair is the best home décor around, but we have a feeling that they'd change their mind if this gorgeous throw pillow showed up under the tree. The clean, crisp silhouette is eye-catching and it’s a nice way to add a little Lab to the sofa without going over the top.

Labrador Retriever Throw Pillow, $32.15 on Zazzle

Printed Gift Candle
Improvements Printed Gift Candles

Available in two Labrador designs (face or full body), these candles are definitely a stylish but subtle ode to the canine kind. And they don’t just look great — they even help to neutralize odors. 

Printed Gift Candles, $29.99 at Improvements

Nicker Stickers This Vehicle Has Been Lab Tested Decal
Nicker Stickers "This Vehicle Has Been Lab Tested" Decal

Some of us base our vehicle selection on whether it’ll work for toting our dogs along on our adventures, and Labrador owners are well-known for wanting to bring their outdoorsy pups with them. This sticker is a witty nod to that tendency, and at this price point, would make a great stocking stuffer.

Lab Tested Animal Decal, $7.29 at Nicker Stickers Custom Animal Decals

Dog Cookie Cutter (Labrador) Labrador Cookie Cutter

You know that friend who's happiest in the kitchen (most likely with his Lab underfoot)? He'll be sure to put this sturdy cookie cutter to good use. It can be used for human or dog treats! Of course, if he decides he wants to use it to make you a little thank you gift, all the better.

Labrador Cookie Cutter, $13.90 at

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