Great Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Golden Retrievers

It generally doesn't take much to make a Golden Retriever happy, but can the same be said for those who own and love the breed? The holiday season isn't the time to find out, so we've put together a holiday gift guide full of products that are just right for people who truly cherish their Golden Retrievers.

Holiday Gifts Golden Retriever Owners Will Love

#Blessed Golden Retriever T-Shirt
Farfetched Apparel #Blessed T-Shirt

We all love using this hashtag (sometimes truthfully, sometimes ironically), and what’s a better symbol of being truly blessed than a Golden with a yummy treat? While we’d never suggest giving a dog an actual doughnut, we can't help but smile at this image. It's just #awesomesauce. 

#Blessed Golden Retriever T-Shirt, $29.99 at Farfetched Apparel

Dog Is Good Make Time for Play Coaster
Dog Is Good Make Time for Play Coaster

Typical Golden — too many toys to hold at one time! This coaster is humorous but also handy, as it’s absorbent with neoprene backing. We can't imagine any Golden Retriever lover who wouldn't be thrilled to find one or two of these coasters in their stocking. And there are other products with this image, too, like magnets and greeting cards.

Make Time for Play Coaster, $3.49 at Dog Is Good

Golden Retriever Metal Art Bookends
Golden Retriever Metal Art Bookends

Can you think of a more perfect holiday gift for the Golden lover who just wants to cuddle up with her pup and re-read All Creatures Great and Small?

Golden Retriever Metal Art Bookends, $64.99 at KnobCreekMetalArts on Etsy

Golden Retriever Puppy Puppet
Dogstuff Golden Retriever Puppy Puppet

Be careful — you might find yourself not wanting to part with this sweet puppy! It's an adorable gift for a child. Or someone with children… or anyone who just loves snuggling with stuffed animals, really. 

Golden Retriever Puppy Puppet, $26.95 at Dogstuff

Golden Retriever Framed Line Drawing
Golden Retriever Framed Line Drawing

Art doesn't have to be elaborate to be powerful, and this cheerful line drawing of a Golden Retriever is proof. It’s happy and playful, embodying just what Golden lovers adore about the breed.

Golden Retriever Framed Line Drawing, $49.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Life’s Golden Oval Decal
CafePress Life’s Golden Oval Decal

Great motto, right? This decal is an affordable but sweet gift that could go on a car, laptop, binder, you name it. 

Life’s Golden Oval Decal, $4.49 at CafePress

Dog Breed Chalkboard
Dog Breed Chalkboards

You can chalk it up to our practical side if you want, but we think these dog breed chalkboards — and the Golden Retriever one, in particular — would be a good fit in any dog lover's home. Just think: The board can function strictly as a decoration, or it can be a message center that serves as a reminder that Buffy's vet appointment is coming up. 

Dog Breed Chalkboards, $69.99 at Improvements

Please note that product prices were confirmed at the time of publishing, but they are subject to change due to holiday sales.

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