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Jenn Andrlik

Jenn Andrlik

Jenn Andrlik is a writer and editor living in New York City. She works from home so she can take care of her 1-year-old son, Harrison, who likes to help when she’s working on the computer.

In addition to managing the schedule and writing for Vetstreet, she has her own blog, The Crafty Mommy, and contributes to other sites such as ELLEDECOR.com and CountryLiving.com. She has also worked for MarthaStewart.com, HouseBeautiful.com,MarthaStewartWeddings.com, and Child.

When she's not writing, crafting or taking care of her son, she loves hanging out with friends, going to Central Park and reading (when she gets the chance). And although she doesn’t have a pet right now, she grew up always having at least one dog, and she can’t wait until her family is in a big house with a nice backyard so she can get another one.

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