Little-Known Facts About Top 10 Cat Breeds

Fellow cat lovers, we bet you already know so many things about kitties. You can probably name at least 15 different breeds off the top of your head and we’re sure you can proudly boast of the animal’s many amazing abilities. But how much do you know about the most popular cat breeds registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association? Sure, you may know their general disposition and what they look like. But do you know their origins? Are you familiar with their nicknames? We’re sharing some fascinating facts about the top 10 cat breeds that will make you appreciate your favorite felines even more.

Test Your Knowledge About Popular Cat Breeds

Exotic Shorthair cat breed on purple background

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Exotic Shorthair

Did you know the Exotic Shorthair has a funny nickname? He’s often called “the lazy man’s Persian” because he shares the Persian’s adorable face, but his short, plush coat is not nearly as high-maintenance.

Persian cat breed sitting

Olivia Hemingway, Animal Photography


The Persian comes in two types: show and traditional. Persians have always been bred to have a round head, short face, snub nose, chubby cheeks and a short, cobby body, but the traditional Persian’s features are not as extreme as the show Persian’s.

Maine Coon Upside Down

Johnny Kruger, Animal Photography

Maine Coon

Many myths surround the origins of the Maine Coon. Is he a cross between a cat and a raccoon? Well, his name suggests that they could be related, and the breed does bear a likeness to the nocturnal animal. But it’s all just the stuff of legend; it's not biologically possible for the two to create offspring.

Ragdoll Laying on Carpet

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography


Unlike some cats, the Ragdoll often enjoys being cuddled. In fact, as her name suggests, the breed tends to go limp with pleasure when she’s in her owner’s arms.

British Shorthair cat breed on orange background

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair can come in many colors and patterns, but blue is the most popular. The breed was once known as the "British Blue" because he used to only come in that color.

American Shorthair stretching

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

American Shorthair

Here’s a breed with quite a history: The American Shorthair came here on the Mayflower alongside settlers and pilgrims. And he may have been brought to the New World even earlier than that.

Abyssinian cat breed looking curious

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


Who says dogs are the only pets that can learn tricks? The Abyssinian is known for being capable of picking up a few commands and tricks — that is, if he doesn’t train you to do what he wants first.

Sphynx cat breed

Vidar Skauen, Animal Photography


You might think the Sphynx feels cold and scaly like a reptile, but the hairless breed’s skin is actually covered in a fine down that feels like a peach.

Two Siamese Cats Looking at Camera

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


The striking Siamese has had quite a presence on the silver screen: The breed stars in “The Incredible Journey,” “The Aristocats” and “Lady and the Tramp."

Scottish Fold Laying on Bed

Tara Gregg, Animal Photography

Scottish Fold

Not all Scottish Folds have the breed’s signature folded ears, but they are still just as lovable.

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