Patriotic Pups Marching In Fourth of July Parades

Nothing says Fourth of July like fireworks, barbecues — and pet parades. It's hard not to feel proud to be an American when you see our four-legged friends daintily making their way down the hot summer pavement wrapped up in red, white and blue.

Here are ten stylish pups parading through the streets of the USA to celebrate our nation's independence.

Pups Marching in Parades

Dog wearing sunglasses and outfit

You know all the other canines were totally envious of this little lady when she paraded down the street in her best Fourth of July attire. We're impressed by her lovely ruffled dress and her amazing sunglasses.

Dog in American flag skirt

Is it a star spangled sarong or a flag-printed loincloth? Either way, we're sure this pooch turned heads at the Independence Day parade.

Dogs on parade

This pair has it all goin' on: Striped pants, a star-patterned crop top and some classic Ray Ban shades are all the ingredients for a stupendous Fourth of July parade costume.

Dog wearing patriotic hat

This pooch is a minimalist. Hats off to his simple — and spirited — patriotic style.

Dog on parade

A service dog in training looks proud and honorable carrying those American flags. And what better way to show your American spirit than by serving your community? Good dog.

Dogs in strollers on parade

This all-American pup caught a ride to the parade in a flag-decked stroller. That's the best way to see the sights!

Smiling patriotic dog

According to his Flickr page, this canine won the "best smile" award at a Fourth of July parade. We agree with the judges — he definitely deserves that title!

Golden Retrievers on parade

With those ruffled collars, these Golden Retrievers almost look like they time travelled to the parade from 1776. We assume they spent the rest of the day in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Or maybe just some yummy treats.

Lots of dogs on parade

America is a melting pot, and not just when it comes to people. Basset Hound. Rottweiler. Westie. We love that there are so many different dog breeds participating in this parade.

Husky on parade

This Husky wants you! After all, he almost looks like Uncle Sam in his red, white and blue hat.


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