Reader Survey: The Most Talkative Dog Breeds

Plenty of us talk to our dogs, and we're not ashamed to admit it. But how many of us have dogs who talk back?

Certain dog breeds are said to be considerably more talkative than others, and we got the scoop on the ones veterinary professionals deemed most chatty in our survey back in 2013. However, we know that sometimes our readers have a different take on these surveys than our veterinary professionals do, so we recently surveyed nearly 800 readers to get their opinions on the dogs who seem to talk a lot.

Take a look at the breeds our readers say bark, whine and "talk" most frequently, and see how their responses compare to what the veterinary professionals had to say.

Readers Weigh in on the Most Talkative Dog Breeds

Black Standard Poodle in Grass

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

No 12: Poodle

The Poodle doesn't just sport good looks, according to our readers — she's also quite the conversationalist, landing the No. 12 spot on our list. Coming in 12th with our vets was the Bloodhound — not surprising given the breed's reputation for baying loudly while tracking criminals, at least according to what we've seen in movies.

Alaskan Malamute

Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

No. 11: Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is known for her joyful, exuberant disposition... and her ability to howl with the best of them, earning her a spot on this list at No. 11. Veterinary professionals went with a slightly smaller pup for this position, placing the Yorkie at No. 11.

Rat Terrier Dog Breed

Barbara O'Brien, Animal Photography

No. 10: Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier has a reputation for being cheerful and opinionated, and many owners report that their Rat Terriers don't hesitate to "talk" about their opinions with their people. No. 10 for veterinary professionals was the German Shepherd, a breed also known for impressive intelligence, so we can only imagine what they'd have to say if we were able to translate their vocalizations into English!

Bloodhound Dog Breed

Barbara O'Brien, Animal Photography

No. 9: Bloodhound

The baying Bloodhound made its way to the No. 9 spot on the most talkative list for our readers, while vets voted the Basset Hound into ninth place.

Toy Poodle Sitting on Couch

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

No. 8: Toy Poodle

Readers apparently see Poodles as quite the conversational canines! The Standard Poodle was No. 12, and they selected the Toy Poodle as No. 8. Veterinary professionals, on the other hand, went with another diminutive dog in this spot: the Miniature Schnauzer.


Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

No. 7: Pomeranian

Tiny and bright-eyed, the Pomeranian has plenty to say, according to the readers we surveyed. Earning the No. 7 spot with veterinary professionals was the American English Coonhound.

Yorkshire Terrier

Tara Gregg, Animal Photography

No. 6: Yorkshire Terrier

It wasn't only veterinary professionals who voted the Yorkie as a bit yappy — readers named the breed as the No. 6 most talkative dog. Vets selected the Siberian Husky for this spot, and given how chatty everyone's favorite talking Husky is, we aren't surprised in the least.

Dachshund Howling

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

No. 5: Dachshund

Small in stature but big in spirit, the Dachshund talked his way into fifth place with our readers, probably due to the breed's tendency to bark whenever their suspicions are aroused, which can happen due to something as benign as a leaf blowing across the yard. Veterinary professionals went with the Alaskan Malamute for the No. 5 position.

Basset Hound looking up at camera

David Jensen, Animal Photography

No. 4: Basset Hound

The Basset Hound's famous, melodious howl earned him the No. 4 spot on this list with our readers. The Chihuahua might be tiny, but her big personality (and propensity to bark more than some owners might expect) gained her plenty of veterinary professional votes, as well as the No. 4 spot in their survey.

Jack Russell Terrier Laying in Garden

Julie Poole, Animal Photography

No. 3: Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier's seemingly endless desire to bark (and dig, and investigate) means we're not shocked to see his No. 3 placement on this list. Meanwhile, veterinary professionals popped the Pomeranian into third place.

Longhaired Chihuahua Smiling on Sofa

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

No. 2: Chihuahua

The No. 2 spot belongs to the smallest of the Toy breeds: the Chihuahua. Despite her tiny stature, her propensity to bark means she can be quite talkative. Another small dog breed took second place with our veterinary professionals, as they selected the Miniature Pinscher for this slot.

Two Beagles Side View

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

No. 1: Beagle

Our two groups finally reached an agreement with the top spot on the most talkative list! The Beagle is the undisputed champion in this competition, with both readers and veterinary professionals selecting the breed as the chattiest of them all. The Beagle's fans will call his voice "musical," and it's rare to find a dog lover who's not familiar with the breed's drawn-out “Aaaaarrrroooooh.” If not occupied with a task or a companion, he may just serenade the entire neighborhood — he'll sing along to sirens, alert you to strangers at the door and "give tongue" while hunting. Because of all this, we find ourselves somewhat delighted to name the Beagle No. 1.

What do you think? Do you find yourself agreeing more with the veterinary professionals or readers when it comes to dogs who bark a lot?

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