Teaching My Cat to Love My Husband — Step 1

cat and man
Credit: Kristen Seymour
Mikkel recommends that Jared sit down when he's interacting with Trixie, so he's on her level.

My husband, Jared, was a cat guy even before we met. He had the world's coolest kitty, Meeko, who I adored right away. Everyone did. And while she didn't exactly become my best buddy immediately, she was always friendly with me and happy to sit on my lap — as long as Jared's wasn't available, of course.

After Meeko passed away a few years ago and we decided we were ready to bring a new kitty into our lives, I made it clear that I didn't want to adopt one of those adorable kittens that everyone loved — I wanted to open our home to a friendly adult cat who hadn't had it so easy. One who people had overlooked. One who really needed a home.

And 2-year-old Trixie certainly fit the bill: She landed in the shelter after having a litter of kittens behind an apartment building and was nearly deemed feral before the rescue I work with took her in. All of her kittens were quickly adopted, but, even though she'd proven to be friendly with people, potential adopters just didn't seem to see her. We made a point to seek her out once we'd heard her story, and she climbed onto my lap immediately, sealing the deal.

(I should note here that it was probably longer than a year before she set a single white paw on my lap again. But we got there, eventually.)

Her transition to life with our two dogs and us wasn't exactly seamless, but aside from some marking incidents that resulted in lovely new floors (I hated the carpet, too, so really, Trixie did us a favor!), she slowly settled in. Now, two and a half years after becoming a member of the family, it's clear that she's very happy and content, even licking our 65-pound Lab mix's face and snuggling up with me while purring so loudly I'm sure our neighbors can hear her.

Until Jared tries to pet her, that is.

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Trixie and Jared

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