Veterinary Experts Vote on the 5 Most High-Energy Dog Breeds

Do you find it hard to sit still? Would you rather spend your time running and playing and working outdoors instead of lounging at home on the couch? If so, you may have met your match in these breeds.

We polled 122 veterinary experts to get their opinions on which dog breeds are the most energetic. Here are the five that received the most votes!

Most Energetic Dog Breeds

Australian Cattle Dog

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No. 5: Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog, who hails from Oz, is also known as a Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler. He can be a tough herding dog and is often known for impressive endurance. That's a fantastic trait if you're looking for a biking or running buddy or planning to work or compete with him, but it's a little more problematic if all you have time for is a short exercise session with him each day, because that endurance also means he could have some energy left over for destructive behavior.

Boston Terrier

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No. 4: Boston Terrier

This small but sturdy dog is generally a happy fellow who often loves to go wherever his family goes and, fortunately, usually has the energy to keep up with them. The Boston Terrier tends to be a friendly dog who can excel in agility and obedience, but unlike the other dogs in this roundup, he wasn't specifically bred to be a working dog. His real job is being a fabulous companion for his humans.

Australian Shepherd

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No. 3: Australian Shepherd

The Aussie is usually a devoted dog who loves his people. He can be another Einstein, and like his fellow energetic canines, he does best when given plenty to keep him occupied. Australian Shepherds are also herders and have been known to transfer their herding behavior (such as nipping at the heels of livestock) to the people in their "herd" if not given ample opportunity to use their energy and intelligence elsewhere.

Border Collie

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No. 2: Border Collie

The Border Collie was also included in our roundup of most intelligent dog breeds, so, as you can imagine, this active and brainy pup needs an owner who's willing — and able — to keep up. If the Jack Russell Terrier is known for digging, the Border Collie is famous for his herding skills. If you're not giving him anything to herd, consider working with him on agility courses and flying disc games.

Jack Russell Terrier

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No. 1: Jack Russell Terrier

The JRT, also known in AKC circles as the Parson Russell Terrier, can be wildly intelligent and extremely active. He was bred for active work, and if left without a full-time job (like hunting rats or competing in earthdog trials and terrier races), well, he'll find something to do. Something like excavate your garden, since digging is one of his favorite pastimes.

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