Vetstreet’s Ultimate Dog Breed Challenge

So you believe you’re a dog breed expert? It’s on.

We’ve created several breed quizzes over the years, and now, we present you with the ultimate challenge: five of our dog breed tests in one place.

Think you’re up for it? You’ll find each of the quizzes linked from the slides in the gallery below. Take each one and then come back here for the next!

Test Your Dog Breed Smarts

Small dog breed quiz

Julia Poole, Animal Photography | Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

Small Breeds

Let’s start small. Do you know which breed is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite? And can you detect the difference between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier? See for yourself with our small breed quiz.

Saint Bernard Standing in Grass

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

Giant Breeds

Now, let’s try the opposite: How much do you really know about slobbery pooches like Mastiffs, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards? Check out these and other big pals in our giant breeds quiz.

Lassie and Timmy


Large Breeds

Not to be outdone are the large breeds, like the Collie, Labrador Retriever and Bloodhound, among others. In our large breed quiz, see if you can answer questions like: In which year did Lassie debut, and which breed delivered much-needed medication to an Alaskan village during an epidemic?

Guess the designer dog breed

Anita Peeples, Animal Photography | Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

Designer Breeds

OK, OK. So you’ve mastered many traditional breeds. But what about newer designer dog breeds? You might be able to identify a Labradoodle, but how about a Cockapoo or a Basador? Try our designer dog breed quiz.

Shiba Inu tail


Telling Tails

Finally, we’ve reached the end: our tails quiz. All kidding aside, this might be our trickiest test to beat — can you determine a dog’s breed just by looking at her tail? In this quiz, match the tail to the breed.

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