Video: How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Jumping Up on People

Is your dog an enthusiastic greeter? Does he welcome guests by jumping on them? Jumping up is one of the most common problems that Vetstreet trainer Mikkel Becker sees. Your dog may jump up and put his paws on people for many reasons — he may be happy to see you after you've been away, he may be excited about meeting a new person or he may be reaching for a toy or treat that you're offering him. No matter what his motivation, though, jumping up isn't good manners and it can be intimidating and potentially dangerous.

In our new video, Mikkel shares one of her favorite strategies for discouraging jumping: four on the floor. This training teaches your dog that he'll only get the reward he's after if his paws are grounded.

And even though it's called "four on the floor," the concept works for the three-legged too! Mikkel’s family dog, Lucky Boo, successfully learned this concept even though he was missing a leg — once he mastered it, he was consistently able to offer a more relaxed and mellow greeting. Happy training!

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Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping

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