Why a Burmese Might Be the Right Cat for You

The endearing Burmese, with his captivating golden eyes, may just wrap you around his paw. The Cat Fanciers’Association began registering Burmese in 1936, but the breed wasn’t fully recognized until 1957.

Here’s what you need to know about this typically outgoing and entertaining cat who loves people.

1. They’re charmers.

The Burmese generally loves to cuddle and socialize — his personality tends to be almost doglike. You may find this people-oriented cat curling up in your lap to snuggle. This is a friendly feline who usually appreciates companionship; if you’re not home during the day, he might enjoy the company of another pet.

2. They’re chatterboxes.

The Burmese has a deep, raspy, rumbling voice that he’s not afraid to use.

3. They have a notable matriarch.

All Burmese descend from a single cat named Wong Mau, who a sailor brought back from Burma sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. He passed her on to a Siamese breeder, who bred Wong Mau with a seal-point Siamese.

4. They’re soft and colorful.

The Burmese’s short-haired, fine, silky coat comes in dark sable brown, as well as champagne, blue and platinum. Plus, he doesn’t shed much.

5. They’re intelligent.

This is one smart cat. You can challenge him by teaching him tricks and giving him puzzle toys that will reward him with treats when he learns to manipulate them.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating cat be sure to read our detailed Burmese breed page.

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Meet the Happy and Sweet Burmese

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