Why Dogs Are the Darlings of YouTube

Sunday is National Dog Day, which means that owners across the country have full license to fawn over their pups — and spend as many hours as they want catching up on the latest viral dog videos.

In fact, when it comes to the who's-truly-cuter battle between cats and dogs, canines win hands down — at least on YouTube. Searches for the word "dog" on the site procure about 2 million videos. That's nearly half a million more than "cat" searches produce.

This leads us to one burning question . . . . So who's top dog on YouTube? One word: Mishka.

For a Husky, she's amassed an impressive 300 million video views. Of course, this does not surprise us in the least, seeing as we can't stop featuring the blue-eyed beauty's clever "talking" antics, whether she's doing her best to guard a coveted toy or asking her loyal followers how they're doing.

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