5 Things You Don't Know About Veterinary Technicians

Vet tech doing dental work

If you think all the veterinary technician does is hold your pet still while your veterinarian takes care of the important things, what I’m going to share will surprise you. But the truth is veterinarians simply can’t live — or practice medicine — without our hardworking, well-trained, compassionate technicians.

And neither can you and your pet.

Last year during Veterinary Technician Week, I sang the praises of veterinary technicians, and every word was entirely heartfelt. This year, I thought I’d try to shake things up by sharing five surprising things vet techs do that I'm willing to bet most pet lovers don’t know about.

Jobs Veterinarians Count on Techs to Do

If I had to sum up the veterinary technician's job in a single word, I’d have a hard time doing it! Challenging? Check. Rewarding? Check. Exciting? Yes, that, too. But really there isn’t a single word that can fully describe their work, because technicians do so much in veterinary medicine. And many of the things they do are handled by physicians or other doctors in human medicine. Surprised? Check it out.

Triage: Whenever there’s an emergency, one of the most critical tasks is to decide who needs attention most urgently and who can wait. If you’re a fan of medical shows, you know the word for that task is “triage.” And it happens in veterinary medicine, too. Who handles it? In many cases, veterinary technicians! They quickly take all the vitals, assess the animal’s condition and communicate their critical evaluation to the veterinarian. In a specialty emergency practice where it’s not unusual for a handful of emergencies to be brought in one after the other, this task is vital.


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