Can Cats Have Asthma?

Caring for Your Asthmatic Cat

If your veterinarian diagnoses asthma in your cat, she will likely prescribe medications to help ease the symptoms. Whenever your cat is having breathing problems, give him the medication if you can do so without stressing him further; otherwise, wait for him to settle down. Use the time to call your veterinarian and discuss the symptoms and whether your cat needs to come in for treatment.

Home care is mostly about prevention: Minimizing exposure to dust, smoke, aerosol sprays and other irritants is essential; use low-dust litter and leave the litterbox hood off. Keep your ears and eyes open and stay in close contact with your veterinarian so that you can get the newest information relating to the cause, prevention and treatment of feline asthma. Caring for an asthmatic cat is not a do-it-yourself project; you will need to work closely with your veterinarian to help your cat stay healthy.

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