Dr. Marty Becker's Picks for the 6 Best Pet Water Safety Products

Summer isn't over yet — there's plenty of time for running on the beach and lounging by the pool. Today on Good Morning America, Dr. Marty Becker shared six of his favorite water safety products, including pet sunscreen, goggles and life vest, to keep your pets playing happily during the dog days of summer.

Top 6 Water Safety Products for Pets

Kurgo Surf n Turf Coat

Not all dogs can swim; some have short snouts that make breathing in the water difficult (think of snorkeling with a one-inch snorkel), while others may tire easily and start sinking. When your dog spends time in the water or on a boat, he needs proper floatation gear. The Kurgo Surf n Turf Coat life vest comfortably fits active dogs, has a reflective trim and includes two transverse handles should you need to pull your pet out of the water in an emergency; $40.


Protect your pup’s eyes from sun, sand, water and windblown debris with Doggles, UV protective eyewear for pooches. These cool shades are shatterproof and great for jaunts in and out of the water, and the straps and padded, flexible rubber frame can be adjusted to fit your dog; $19.90.

Doggles Pet Sunscreen
Doggles Pet Sunscreen

Dogs can sunburn, too, especially light-colored, thin-haired breeds. The most common areas to burn include the tips of the ears and the bridge of the nose. Keep pets protected from painful sunburns and irritations with Doggles Pet Sunscreen. Designed specifically for pets’ skin and coats, this SPF 15 sunscreen will keep Fido playing safely and happily at the beach or park this summer; $9.99.

Safety Turtle
Safety Turtle

Your dog or cat may be able to swim, but he can drown within minutes if he doesn't know how to get out of a pool. The Safety Turtle securely attaches to any pet’s collar, harness or life jacket using a simple Velcro Adaptor; a loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when your pet — and his device — ventures into the water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset, guaranteeing that you will know the whereabouts of your pup or kitten at all times; $281.20.

WaterDog Fountain

We all know that dogs need access to water during hot summer days, but leaving a pan outside has its own issues. Ditch the bowl and replace it with the WaterDog, an automatic outdoor pet fountain that attaches to your hose spigot. The WaterDog uses ultrasonic sensing technology to detect the presence of your dog; when he gets close to the spigot, the WaterDog turns on a gentle flow of fresh drinking water. When he's done drinking, it shuts itself off. Problem solved; $69.

Evaporator Dog Cooling Vest
HyperKewl Dog Cooling Vest

Dogs don't have sweat glands — they shed heat mostly by panting. Keep your pooch cool this summer with the HyperKewl evaporative water vest. Simply soak the vest in water for one to two minutes to activate the cooling technology. The Cooling Vest pulls heat out of your dog's bloodstream as it passes through the veins in his neck, cooling him from the inside out. The vest is made of 100 percent cotton, absorbs 400 times its weight in water and is nontoxic, so it will not irritate skin or be harmful if chewed; $39.99.


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