Made a Medical Mistake? Don't Be Afraid to Tell Your Veterinarian

Ignoring the Signs

Sometimes pet owners know their furry friends have health issues, but they don't know what to do about it — so they don't do anything. This is never a good idea.

For example, you know your pet needs to go on a diet. You and your veterinarian have talked about it, and you’ve promised to cut back on the amount he eats and make sure he gets more exercise. But, well, you didn’t, and now he’s not doing well. Fess up — your veterinarian will understand. Ask for guidance in making that dietary change your pet needs and commit to it. Everyone involved will be happier.

Or maybe your pet has been acting funny or you’ve noticed a lump or bump or something else out of the ordinary, but you’ve been too busy to get him to the veterinarian. Now you’re starting to see the problem become worse. Don’t just hope it will go away. We all indulge in magical thinking at one time or another, but it doesn’t really work. Getting your pet to the vet for help usually will. You may find that the condition won’t be as difficult or expensive to treat as you had feared. Be honest about how long you think your pet has had this issue — your vet needs to know in order to make the best decision about how to treat whatever is wrong.

The bottom line? The more your veterinarian knows, the better he can care for your dog or cat.

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