8 Eyebrow-Raising Animal Crossing Signs From Around the World

After news recently spread that a neighborhood organization in Corte Madera, Calif., put up otter crossing signs, we set out in search of other unexpected brake-for-these-critters signage — like skiing kangaroos, angry deer and even wayward mermaids.

Animal Crossing Signs That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Mermaid Crossing Sign

Phil Whitehouse

Mermaid Crossing

Drivers in the Cape Conran area of Victoria, Australia, need to watch out for lots of animals: koalas, kangaroos and ... mermaids? Uh-oh!

Deer Crossing Sign

Al Loebel via SignSpotting.com

Combative Deer Crossing

We've all heard of angry birds, but it looks like the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, has some pretty irate deer.

Otter Crossing Sign

Nicholas Salcedo

Otter Crossing

In Corte Madera, Calif., motorists are cautioned to watch out for a family of river otters who frequently cross — of all roads — Lucky Drive.

Anteater Crossing Sign

Sarah B. Lenz via SignSpotting.com

Anteater Crossing

You don't see this one every day, but it makes a great punch line in Colon, Panama. "Why did the anteater cross the road?"

Before and After Crossing Sign

Nienkekrook via SignSpotting.com

Cassowary Crossing

Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia, is pretty explicit about what happens when you don't watch out for the cassowary, a large, flightless bird. "Be casso-wary," warns the photographer.

Crab Crossing Sign

Ayuko Yonezu

Crab Crossing

Watch out for happy crabs dancing across the street in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture.

Kangaroo Crossing Sign

Philip Mierisch via SignSpotting.com

Kangaroo Crossing — While Skiing

We're guessing that this skiing kangaroo crossing is only applicable during the winter months in the Horsham region of Victoria, Australia.

South Africa Crossing Sign

Massimo Pero via SignSpotting.com

Beware of ... Everything!

Cape Town, South Africa, isn't taking any chances — it warns drivers about all of the species that roam this Big 5 country. Looks like they left out giraffes.


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