Meet the 4 Cat Burglar Breeds Who Like to Swipe Your Stuff

These felines may look innocent, but they love to go on the hunt. In your home, what catches your cat's eye might be a sneaky mouse, a bug scuttling by or even your new necklace. If bling is your thing and you share your home with one or more cats, be forewarned — all that glimmers and shines could go missing from your dresser or bathroom vanity counter.

Here’s a look at several notorious cat burglar breeds.

Kitties Who Steal All That Glitters

American Bobtail Kittens

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

American Bobtail

This all-American, self-assured breed is a born hunter with a trademark bobbed tail (a natural mutation) that never slows him down during a quest. Bobtails come in many colors and patterns, as well as short and longhaired coats that feel like rabbit fur. The Bobtail’s favorite activities? Fetching, walking on a leash and stealing shiny objects — not necessarily in that order. Outfox your Bobtail by keeping a lid on your coveted shiny items — and don't let him see where you placed them.

Bengal Cat Breed

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


Bengals certainly earn a capital “B” for brains, beauty and… burglary. This is a high-energy, smart cat best suited for savvy and experienced cat people. The Bengal sports a wild look but a domesticated disposition, courtesy of originating from crossbreeding domestic cats with Asian Leopard Cats. No matter how much you shower them with affection, however, they will swipe any shiny piece of jewelry without apologies. Hey, they’re on a jungle hunt, even if their "jungle" is the top of your bedroom dresser. It’s best to redirect their thievery toward safe, shiny cat toys and to get in the habit of storing your jewelry in places out of paw’s reach.

Munchkin Cat Breed

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography


Meet one of the world’s smallest but craftiest jewelry thieves. The short-legged Munchkin sports a low-slung body built for speed and quick turns around corners. They have trouble curbing their intense curiosity. So, while you are at work, your Munchkin is focused on collecting and stashing away in secret hiding places any and all shiny and small metal objects that she can get her paws on. Missing an earring? Just look under the cushion of the sofa where your Munchkin spends most of her time catnapping.

Pixiebob cat breed

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


This sturdy, muscular cat originated in the Pacific Northwest. At first glance, some houseguests may mistake your Pixiebob for a pint-size bobcat. But your plotting Pixiebob will easily disarm them with his charm by demonstrating his fetching skills with a paper wad. Don’t be surprised to receive a call from your guest reporting that she has somehow misplaced a ring or other shiny object she showed you during a visit.

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