10 Adorable Pups Posing With Beautiful Blooms

Spring is here, and we couldn’t be happier. The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, a certain bunny is on his way, and best of all, the flowers are in full bloom.

To celebrate all the gorgeous daffodils, tulips and crocuses filling our gardens, we rounded up some adorable dogs taking time out of their busy schedules of playing, digging and napping to stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy!

Cute Dogs Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Frolicking in the flowers (while wearing a tutu, naturally) is one of Paisley the American Hairless Terrier’s favorite pastimes.

Webster, Sierra, Albie, Alicia and Franklin the Miniature Schnauzers pose in the flowers

Webster, Sierra, Albie, Alicia and Franklin the Miniature Schnauzers pose on a pretty pink couch with pretty pink tulips. Say woof, pups!

Sweet Lou the Golden Retriever in a field of flowers

Can you spot Sweet Lou? He’s the happy Golden Retriever standing in a field of wildflowers.

We must say, the pink-and-green foliage really complements Teila the mixed breed rescue dog’s stunning tan-and-white coat. Looking good, Teila!

Gunner the American Pit Bull Terrier and Mable the German Shepherd playing in the flowers

If Gunner the American Pit Bull Terrier, left, had opposable thumbs, we’d like to think he would pick one of those beautiful flowers for his girlfriend, Mable.

Rainy Days the Standard Poodle poses in the flowers

Rainy Days the Standard Poodle looks absolutely gorgeous among those beautiful blooms. No rain in sight for this pooch.

Bosco the Collie hangs out in the flowers

A Collie named Bosco waits to greet his owners in front of a wheelbarrow of flowers. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home.

Reggie Brown the Beagle smells some tulips

Reggie Brown the Beagle takes a break to stop and smell the tulips — something we should all do every once in a while.

Charlie B. Doodle the Goldendoodle is so happy for spring

Is that a furry lawn ornament? No, it's just Charlie the Goldendoodle enjoying the garden.

Marley the German Shepherd mix would like to alert everyone that these daffodils are in full bloom.


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