10 Cutest Puppy Photos From Our Readers

It’s National Puppy Day, and we’re celebrating everything we love about these little creatures, from their cuddles and playfulness to their spunk and silliness — and all the joy those qualities bring!

We knew a great way to celebrate was to feature photos of cute puppies. So we’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite puppy pictures from our readers in the gallery below. One of the goals of the holiday is to promote the adoption of shelter puppies — so that's why many of the pups in our gallery are rescues!

10 Adorable Puppy Photos From Our Fans

National Puppy Day Saige

Courtney Seymour via Facebook

This brown-eyed girl was recently adopted from the Humane Society of El Paso and named Saige. "She is 9 weeks old and a little cuddle bug!" her owner writes.

National Puppy Day Louie Dachshund

Hope Mayberry

No one can sleep quite like a puppy. Here, Louie, a 6-month-old Dachshund, gets some rest after playtime. "He gets crazy and crashes hard!" his owner writes. Sounds like a lot of pups we know!

National Puppy Day Gunnar

Angela Dreher

At 9 months old, Gunnar, a Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mix, is "a very loving and energetic puppy. He gets along with everyone!"

National Puppy Day Boxer

Maddison Parriott via Facebook

Winston, a Boxer, is pictured as a puppy. "He's the funniest dog ever, always making me laugh. He's also very smart, too smart for his own good," his owner writes.

National Puppy Day Nike on rug

Debbie Foster via Facebook

Rescue pup Nike lies on a rug with his stuffed animal. "He's my heart," his owner writes. "It was love at first sight the day we adopted our boy."

National Puppy Day Rex

Danny Cigelske via Facebook

Meet fluffy little Rex! His owner tells us that this guy loves to play in the snow.

National Puppy Day Charli

KatiandKarmon Standley via Facebook

This sweet little fur ball is Charli, a rescue pup.

National Puppy Day Jake puggle

Susan Gallant

At 14 weeks old, Jake the Puggle is a "sweet little boy, ready to be loved."

National Puppy Day Moo Shu & Nacho

Janice Simonin

At the tender age of 6 months, Nacho the French Bulldog curls up for nap time with 2-year-old Pug Moo Shu.

National Puppy Day Kilchii the Boxer

Cassandra Caldwell

It's exhausting being this cute. Four-month-old Boxer Kilchii finds the perfect place to curl up for a rest: his uncle's legs.

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