10 Pets Who Know How to Do Summer Right

Summer's finally here and we bet you and your pet can't wait to lounge poolside, take a trip to the beach and have fun in the sun.

To help you and your animal make the most of these long, sunny days, we rounded up these 10 adorable photos of cats and dogs who obviously know how to do summer right.

Check out our photo gallery below and then get out and have fun with your own pets — and be sure to share your photos on our Facebook page when you do!

Cats and Dogs Who Are Excited Summer's Finally Here

Dog in pool.

1. Lounge Poolside

Berlioz, a German Shepherd-Dachshund mix, highly recommends taking a relaxing dip in the kiddie pool this summer.

Dog with bucket of balls.

2. Play

Longer days mean more time to play. Jake the Australian Cattle Dog mix is always down for a game of fetch.

Dog and horse.

3. Make New Friends

Don't be a stranger this summer. Take a cue from Judge the Mastiff and make a new (and unexpected) buddy.

Dog on hike.

4. Explore

Now's the time to go on an adventure. Fezzic, an Australian Shepherd, is all about backpacking in Colorado. 

Dog kayaking.

5. Get on the Water

Moxy, who loves to kayak, knows the water is where it's at. Grab a paddle, a life preserver and a pair of goggles and head to the water this summer.

Dog jumping in lake.

6. Get in the Water

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a dip in the water. Follow the lead of Sweet Lou the Golden Retriever and leap into a lake, river, ocean or pool.

Cat at beach sunset.

7. Enjoy a Sunset

Oliver, a black and white domestic shorthair, knows sunsets are spectacular in the summer, especially when viewed from the beach.

Dog at beach.

8. Relax at the Beach

There's nothing like feeling the sand between your toes (or paws) and the sun in your hair (or fur). Porthos, an English Bulldog, had a great time on his first trip to the beach and he can't wait to go again this summer.

Dog with American flag.

9. Celebrate

There are so many wonderful things to celebrate in summer. Dolly, a beautiful Brittany, sings along to "God Bless America" — in-tune, of course — as she honors Independence Day.

Cat under blanket.

10. Catch Up on Much-Needed Sleep

Chance, a domestic shorthair, knows that with all the fun summer can bring, you have to get plenty of rest, too!

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