11 Adorable Pugs in Blankets

Here’s a simple appetizer that you must make for your next cocktail party. It’s called Pugs in a blanket, and it’s a real crowd-pleaser.

Step 1: Find a cozy blanket.

Step 2: Find a Pug.
Step 3: Place the Pug on the cozy blanket.

Step 4: Wrap the Pug in the cozy blanket.
Step 5: Take a photo (preferably an Instagram) of the Pug in the cozy blanket.

Got it? Now check out our photo gallery of Pugs in blankets for more inspiration.

Pugs in Blankets

Jaws the Pug in a white blanket

Cozy knit blankets were created so we could swaddle Pugs in them, right? Jaws seems to think so.

Prince the Pug in a red and green blanket

Prince the Pugg refuses to leave his glorious blanket burrito for any reason whatsoever. Well, maybe for a treat. Or a toy. Or perhaps a belly rub.

Pug puppy in a lime green blanket

We want to be this Pug. No, really, when can we trade lives?

Beans the Pug puppy on a red blanket

Oh, Beans. Your life as a Pug is simply exhausting. Good thing you have a fuzzy red blanket to sleep in.

Norm the Pug wrapped in a blanket on railroad track

Behold Norm the Pug, enveloped in a blanket while on the train tracks on a fall day. Pure poetry.

Bimba the Pug in a bright green blanket

Bimba the Pug says, "[I'm] a soft, warm cinnamon roll, and I won't get out of bed." We're with you 100 percent, Bimba.

Puck the Pug in a zebra print blanket

Courtesy of Barbara Klinck

Why, yes, that head you see sticking out of that zebra throw is, indeed, Puck the Pug.

Puppies on a blanket

No, you're not seeing double (or triple or quadruple). You get six Pug puppies for the price of one in this photo.

Lily and Rose the Pugs snuggle in s blanket

Burrowed beneath those wild blankets are two equally ferocious Pugs named Lily and Rose.

Doug the Pug in a grey blanket

Doug the Pug fashioned this blanket into a cape. Well done, Doug.

Lexi the Pug in a blanket sandwich

Sometimes a blanket burrito is just too much. Lexi makes an excellent Pug blanket sandwich.

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