11 Most Confident Dog Breeds

Some pups seem to be the top dog wherever they go, and while part of that comes down to the specific dog's personality, some of their confidence can be attributed to the breed.

We had 268 veterinary professionals (including vets, veterinary technicians and office managers) weigh in on which breeds were most likely to be characteristically confident. Here are their top picks.

The Most Confident Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever looking up at camera

Anita Peeples, Animal Photography

No. 10 (tie): Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever tends to be fun-loving and smart, and when you factor in that gorgeous face, it's clear she has reason to be self-assured. Give her proper exercise (because she has a lot of energy to use up) and she can be a calm presence in the face of nearly any situation.

Bullmastiff Standing in Grass

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 10 (tie): Bullmastiff

His confidence might come from his massive size or his fearlessness, or perhaps a mix of both. Although this 130-pound guard dog might lay down his life for his family, the Bullmastiff would generally rather snuggle up with his favorite people.

Jack Russell Terrier on Bed

Leanne Graham, Animal Photography

No. 9: Jack Russell Terrier

He's typically super-smart and extremely active, which is perfect since the JRT was bred to do active work. Give him a job and he's almost certain to be good at it, which might be why he goes through life with such poise.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Tara Gregg, Animal Photography

No. 8: American Pit Bull Terrier

The Pit Bull usually has a bold, loyal and tenacious nature that, with proper training and socialization, comes across as confident and loyal but has been exploited by dog-fighting rings and other less ethical owners.

Mastiff dog breed

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 7: Mastiff

A gentle but occasionally stubborn giant, the Mastiff is large enough to command a room without even trying. And while they're typically big lovebugs when it comes to their families, some have no qualms about stepping in if they believe their humans are in danger.

Close up of smiling senior Golden Retriever

Barbara O'Brien, Animal Photography

No. 5 (tie): Golden Retriever

Just because the Golden is known as a people-pleaser, that doesn't mean he's ready to play second fiddle to anyone. His self-assured nature shows through in his tendency to have an easy-going personality and admirable ability to befriend almost anyone.

Doberman Pinscher

Julie Poole, Animal Photography

No. 5 (tie): Doberman Pinscher

She's protective of her family, which has earned her a bit of a sinister reputation, but it's not just her size or strength that makes the Doberman Pinscher so confident — many are bright, stable and loyal family dogs, if occasionally a bit suspicious of strangers.

Two Rottweilers in Grass

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 4: Rottweiler

Many Rotties have an admirable work ethic, imposing stature and sharp mind. With the right owner and training, these characteristics add up to a loyal and supremely confident dog.

Great Dane

Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

No. 2 (tie): Great Dane

His size would be enough to command respect, but it's the Great Dane's typically sweet personality that gives him an air of quiet confidence. It's hard to resist this gentle giant, and he knows it.

Poodle Laying on Carpet

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

No. 2 (tie): Poodle

Her typically humorous and sunny disposition makes it easy for the Poodle to feel at home wherever she may be. The fact that she's smart enough to outwit the majority of the other dogs at the park doesn't hurt either.

German Shepherd Leaping

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

No. 1: German Shepherd Dog

The adaptable and intelligent GSD tends to be a natural protector, and he has been known to take on — and excel at — a wide variety of jobs. Hey, if you were good at everything you tried, you'd be full of confidence, too!

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