13 Animals Who Love National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It's time to retrieve your cat or dog’s favorite piece of clothing out of storage: January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day and we want you to celebrate with us!

So which outfit should your fashionable pet wear for this special holiday? To help you make this very important decision, we rounded up some of our favorite photos of pets dressed in costumes, beachwear, business attire, sweaters and sports jerseys. We're sure this will inspire you — and your pets — to make a sartorial statement today.

It's National Dress Up Your Pet Day

A Boxer sits wearing a flaming hat and bandana.

Beau, a 7-year-old Boxer, patiently waits for a ride so he can show off his flames outfit.

A Pit Bull wears a plane costume.

One-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier Bentley, who loves to shake hands, dresses up as an airplane on his first Halloween.

A Walker Coon Hound dressed in pink and wearing a pearl necklace.

Buck-minster Fuller, whose nickname is Buck, is a 7-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound who loves to play dress up.

A Chihuahua mix dressed in an orange outfit with a hammer and screwdriver.

Coco, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, attends a "Home Depot" class in style.

A tabby cat dressed in a Boston Bruins tee shirt.

Five-year-old Bonzo supports the Boston Bruins by wearing a T-shirt from his favorite team.

A small dog lays down wearing a wizards hat.

Zoey, a 2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, lies down in protest over having to wear this Halloween hat.

A dog wearing a graduation cap lays down on the floor.

Five-month-old Lincoln looks completely unimpressed after his graduation from puppy class.

A small dog climbs on rocks wearing a pink outfit.

Minnie Mouse, a 1-year-old Miniature Pinscher, spends some time at the pool in her swimming outfit.

A French Bulldog wears a red and white tie.

Omar the 1-year-old French Bulldog is ready to hit the town in his red-and-white tie.

A small white dog dresses up and sit on a bed.

Bklyn Princess, a 5-month-old Maltese, gets dressed up to celebrate arriving at her new home.

A Pug sit on a motorcycle seat in the sun wearing sunglasses.

Emma, a 7-year-old Pug whose owner calls her a "Philanthrapug," dons her motorcycle gear to attend a fund-raiser.

A dog sits on a deck wearing a Washington Redskins jersey.

Jerzey, a 13-month-old Boxer mix, was rescued in October 2012. She is a proud supporter of her local team, the Washington Redskins.

A puppy stands in the grass dressed in a light blue sweater.

Fernando, a 1-month-old puppy, bundles up for a postmeal stroll on Thanksgiving Day.

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