13 Pets With Cool Coats and Markings

Many of us here at Vetstreet are fascinated by pets who have unique coats and cool shapes hidden in their markings. So we asked our Facebook fans to share pictures of animals that have interesting coloration, and you did not disappoint. From mustachioed cats to a horse of a different color, here are our 13 favorite photos of pets with cool coats.

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Chimera Cat Dark Moon

Dark Moon is the perfect name for this chimera cat. Another great name for the kitty would've been Two-Face.

Cool Markings Dog With Butterfly

Look closely and you'll see the white butterfly on Bear's chest.

Bengal Cat Cool Markings

We love the wild-looking spots of Bengal cats — and Mylo wears them well.

Lily the Cat Cool Markings

Lily has an awesome heart on her side and an upside-down flower on her bottom.

Border Mix Cool Markings

Brodie the Border Collie mix's black smudge around the eye is just classic.

JR Horse Cool Markings

We love that JR is dark brown in the front and white in the back. His owner says, "He's just a baby and the light of life. Oh, and he's a cheeky boy!"

Cat With Mustache

Duchess here mustache you a question.

Cool Markings Molly

Michelle Clayton

Molly, a 10-year-old Blue Heeler-Australian Shepherd mix, has a perfect heart on her side.

Cool Markings Cat Calico Face

Sahara has a calico face, but one side of her body is tortoiseshell while the other is just black and white.

Brindle Frug

How cute is this brindle Pug-French Bulldog mix?

Gino the Cat Cool Markings

Gino's human says, "This is my blind boy, Gino (on the right). Gino has half of a Charlie Chaplin mustache, a crooked 'part' in his black 'hairdo' and an all-black tail that looks like it doesn't belong to him."

Merle Dog

Meeko the merle dog is so photogenic — no Instagram filter needed.

Cool Markings Guinea Pig

And last but not least, we could never leave out Marble the top hat-wearing guinea pig!


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