16 Amazing Costumes From New York City's Halloween Dog Parade

Every year, hundreds of dogs descend on New York City for a competition steeped in tradition and honor. Their owners plan for it for weeks and months. No, we’re not talking about Westminster. It’s the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade.

We spotted trendy pop-culture costumes like Walter White from Breaking Bad, a food truck and "Barknado" — plus old classics like a princess and a monster. Flip through our photo gallery from Saturday's costume contest, and find out who took home first place.

Tompkins Square Park Halloween Parade 2013

Dog Halloween Parade Breaking Bad

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Radar the Great Dane as Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Dog Halloween Parade Pit Bull Princess

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Franklin, a Pit Bull mix, as a princess.

Dog Halloween Parade Alice in Wonderland

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Cruz the Bulldog and Samson the Boxer as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Dog Halloween Parade I Love Lucy

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Maria and her Schnauzer Picasso as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

Dog Halloween Parade Spring Breakers

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Alison and her dog Igby as characters from the movie Spring Breakers.

Dog Halloween Parade Mister Softee

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Quincy the Havanese as a Mister Softee ice cream truck.

Dog Halloween Parade Little Mermaid

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Lily the Golden Retriever as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Dog Halloween Parade Little Shop of Horrors

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Lori, Dave and their Brussels Griffon Maeby as characters from the show Little Shop of Horrors.

Dog Halloween Parade Zoltar

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Mia, a Shepherd-Husky mix, as the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine.

Dog Halloween Parade Sharknado

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Reggie the French Bulldog as Barknado, a play on the recent made-for-TV movie Sharknado.

Dog Halloween Parade Toy Story

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Amanda, Pete and their Dachshund Pepper as characters from Toy Story.

Dog Halloween Parade Prisoners

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Peta, Shane and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Franklin as prisoners.

Dog Halloween Parade Hot Dog Stand

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

A Maltipoo as a hot dog cart.

Dog Halloween Parade Roger Rabbit

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Victoria Viscardi as Jessica Rabbit, and her Pomeranian, Gia Marie, as Roger Rabbit.

Dog Halloween Parade Monsters Inc

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Lulu the French Bulldog as Boo from the movie Monsters, Inc.

Halloween Dog Parade Lobster Bake

Bonnie Biess for Vetstreet

Two Chihuahuas as a lobster bake won the overall Best in Show award at the parade.

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