5 DIY Crafts Your Pet Will Love

Why spend your hard-earned dollars on supplies for your animal pal when there are so many easy alternatives you can make at home? We’ve rounded up a handful of DIY projects that are easy as pie, and sure to encourage many woofs and purrs of approval.

DIY Pet Projects

DIY catnip mouse

Credit: Samantha Bartram

Easy Catnip Mouse

Here’s one from my personal archives that’s received rave reviews from the feline of the house. Find some scrap fabric, needle, thread, a heapin’ helping of catnip, and presto! A tantalizing mouse she’ll love to toss around the house.

cat scratching pad made from recycled cardboard

Credit: Kate Pruitt

Green Cat Scratching Pad

Grace Bonney over at Design Sponge suggests a clever way to recycle cardboard boxes: Turn them into a scratch-tastic pad for your kitty. In just a few easy steps, you’ll have a sturdy coil of cardboard that ought to stand up to weeks of dedicated scratching and shredding.

DIY dog toy made from old kitchen towel

Credit: Samantha Bartram

Rag Time

From the gallery of Paul Michael comes another homespun treasure: the almost-too-easy-to-be-true kitchen towel braid. All you need is a ratty towel and some scissors to make a tough pull toy for any size dog. Michael recommends braiding multiple towels together or using blue jean material to make super-sturdy braids for big dogs. A word of caution: Be sure to supervise your dog with this and other toys to ensure no pieces are torn off and ingested.

easy DIY cat bed with basket and blanket

Credit: Samantha Bartram

Catnapping Made Simple

This concept was inspired by a quirky idea for a basket cat bed hung on a wall, but we wanted a sturdier resting spot for our feline friends. All the essentials remain the same: Grab an empty basket and a soft blanket or sheet, fold and fit the fabric inside, and find a quiet spot on the floor to nestle your kitty’s new favorite napping spot.

DIY pillow dog bed

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Rest On, Rover

Don’t think we’ve forgotten how much dogs enjoy a cozy place to nap. With a little tweaking, this pillow-bed pattern can be cut to suit big or small dogs, and it’s easy to customize the fabric to suit your décor.

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