5 Must-Have Travel Items for Pet Owners

Planning a trip with your furry companion this summer? You're not alone! Spending your vacation with your pet can be a fabulous experience, but it takes a little more planning than just tossing your swimsuit and flip-flops into a beach bag.

We've rounded up five products that will make your summer travels with your pet a little easier to manage. Did we miss something you absolutely can't leave the house without? Share in the comments!

Don't Leave Home Without It! 5 Must-Have Summer Travel Pet Products

Credit: H204K9

H204K9 Water Bottle and Bowl

This hydration system makes it simple to carry plenty of water (and something from which your pet can drink) in one handy container. The stainless steel bottle, available in a small and large size, features a lid that acts as a bowl for your thirsty pup. You can also pick up the Neosling carrier to go fully hands-free.

H204K9 Water Bottle and Bowl, $9.99 for 9.5 oz. bottle and $14.99 for 25 oz. bottle (pictured here).

Credit: Kurgo

Wander Bed

Your pup deserves a comfy place to sleep wherever your travels might take you, but we don't blame you if you don't want to drag along his big, heavy bed from home. This Wander Bed from Kurgo, available in two sizes (medium and large) and two colors (blue/orange or brown/blue), features a nonslip material on the bottom, a plush fleece top and a hidden pocket in which to tuck a little something that smells like home. Plus, it rolls up easily and has a handle that makes transportation a snap.

Wander Bed, $50-$65 at Kurgo.

Credit: The Company of Animals

Tick & Flea Comb

Travel often includes a bit of exploration, and pet parents know that exploring new wooded areas can mean proximity to nasty parasites like fleas and ticks. This affordable 2-in-1 Tick & Flea Comb features a fine-toothed comb on one side to remove flea residue and eggs, and on the other side, a slit specially designed to capture complete ticks.

The Company of Animals Tick & Flea Comb, $1.50 at Clean Run.

Credit: Ruffwear

Quencher Cinch Top

Planning a hike with your pup that'll keep you out past dinnertime, but not digging the idea of carrying a bag of food plus a bowl? The Quencher Cinch Top solves that problem by making it a cinch (really!) to carry your pup's food securely in the bowl from which he'll eat. Piece of cake! Or kibble.

Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top, $19.95.

Credit: Petco

Pop-Up Tent

Whether you're "ruffing" it with your pooch or just want to provide your pet with a secure den in the corner of the guest room without having to cart around a heavy crate, this pop-up tent is a super solution. It's lightweight, stows securely in a space-saving carry bag, has zip-up panels that allow for airflow, and is very water-resistant and durable. No, it won't take the place of a heavy-duty crate if you have a pet who thinks he's an escape artist, but for a small dog or cat who just likes to have his own space, this is a winner.

Pop-Up Tent in small and medium sizes, $44.99-$59.99, available this month in Petco stores.

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