5 Products to Help You Beat the Heat

Products to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer officially begins on June 20th, but in some areas, it feels like it's been here for weeks. The sunny weather makes most of us more likely to get outside with our dogs, but it also means we need to be more cautious than ever about keeping our pups hydrated and safe from the heat. We've rounded up some cool products to help you do just that.

Credit: Petsafe.com

Outdoor Dog Fountain

What's the most important part of keeping your pet hydrated? Providing access to water, of course! This Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain, $119.99 at PetSafe, offers your pet 3.5 liters of fresh, filtered, flowing water, which means water isn't just available, it's also enticing.

Credit: Ultra Paws

Paw Protection

News flash: Asphalt can get hot. So can sand, sidewalks, and a host of other surfaces your pet walks on every day, all summer long. Ultra Paws Cool Boots, available in six sizes and two colors, $39.95-$49.95 at UltraPaws.com, are easy to put on — and once they're on, they stay put and deflect up to 75 degrees from hot surfaces to keep your puppy's pads from frying.

Water Safety Gear

Is there any better way to spend a sunny day than at the lake with your favorite furry pal? Remember, though, safety first! This Surf n Turf coat, $40 at Kurgo, has a removable flotation layer that turns the coat into a life vest. The rest of the year, it can be used alone or paired with the company's Wander Coat for extra warmth.

Credit: FrostyBowlz

Water Cooler

It was one of our favorite products at Global Pet Expo earlier this year, and it's one of our top picks for the summer. FrostyBowlz, $26.99-$36.99, has an inner core that you can freeze then insert into the bowl to keep water crisp and cool for hours, even in the hot sun. 

Credit: In the Company of Dogs

Cool Spot to Chill Out

While it's not the kind of shelter you should leave your dog in all day without any other shade, we can't help but love this great Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounge, $379 at In the Company of Dogs. We can just picture ourselves hanging out by the pool, our favorite pup by our side in her swanky chaise.

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