6 Weird Questions Owners of Giant Dog Breeds Get All the Time

Great Dane owned by April Kuzma-Armour
Courtesy of April Kuzma-Armour
If someone asks April Kuzma-Armour if she has a saddle for her Great Dane, she replies that she left it at home.

Life and Death

"Aren't they prone to certain illnesses?" Brigid Boyle, of Milwaukee, has two Irish Wolfhounds and is frequently asked about the prevalence of bone cancer in giant breeds like hers. "I don't know where that 'thought' is coming from, so I usually say that I think it's being diagnosed more often than in the past, when it went undetected or was just thought to be old age." Regardless of whether or not there's any truth to the question, though, does that seem like the right conversation to strike up with a stranger? The answer is no. Always.

"Doesn't she have a really short life span?" Cheryl Kuntz of Tonawanda, New York, rescued a 5-year-old Great Dane, so naturally, the breed's shorter life expectancy is something of which she's well aware. However, she doesn't dwell on it — even when strangers ask her about it while she's walking down the street. "We do as much as we can with Bambi," says Kuntz. "We take her wherever we can, while she's healthy enough to enjoy the adventures. That's all you can do. Enjoy the present."

Seems like that's a lesson we could all take to heart.

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