Friendliest Cat Breeds

Looking for a friendly, affectionate, social cat? You've come to the right place! From the Chartreux to the Munchkin, these seven cat breeds tend to thrive on interaction with people and other pets — including traveling, playing fetch and, of course, making new friends.

However, each cat is an individual, so not every representative of a breed will embody all of its qualities. There are no guarantees, but taking certain steps, like socializing your cat, can help. Socialize your cat early and often so that she becomes comfortable meeting new people, and before long, you may find you have a true social butterfly on your hands!

Get to Know the Friendliest Cat Breeds

Gray and White Devon Rex Kitten

Johnny Kruger, Animal Photography

Devon Rex

If you're drawn to the wavy coat of the Devon Rex, you may be happy to learn that this feline tends to be highly intelligent, active and outgoing. Don't be surprised if his favorite place to hang out is perched on your shoulder! Families with older children, other pets or frequent guests should consider this breed when searching for a social cat.

Balinese Cat Sitting

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


Do you adore the color points of the Siamese, but prefer the look of a silky, longhaired cat? The Balinese may be your best bet. Many Balinese cats — who are named for the island of Bali, though they don't come from there — are active and vocal, and may enjoy activities like learning tricks and going for exploratory walks on a leash.

Chartreux cat breed

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


Is that a smile on the face of the Chartreux cat? We don't doubt it, since this breed is known for its tendency to be affectionate, gentle and playful. These cats generally communicate in quiet chirps, but don't let their soft voices fool you — your Chartreux may be an agile acrobat who enjoys training-time and playing with puzzle toys.

Siamese cat breed

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography


Admit it: You were secretly hoping the Siamese would make this list. We don't blame you! One of the most well-known breeds, Siamese cats are usually smart, socially demanding and endlessly curious. Many of these felines love to involve themselves in whatever you're doing, all the time, and they often revel in being the center of attention.

Japanese Bobtail cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Japanese Bobtail

If you have the time to give the Japanese Bobtail all the love and attention he craves, he'll reward you with the gift of good luck — or so goes the legend of this breed, which is a symbol of good fortune in his homeland of Japan. It's not unusual to see these cats carrying toys around, playing fetch or even riding on his owner's shoulder so he can supervise his kingdom. These friendly cats typically get along with children and other pets, including dogs.

Two Burmese Cats

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


Many Burmese cats are the epitome of the lap cat, willing to snuggle with you on the sofa and chat away in their soft, raspy voices. This breed generally thrives on attention and interaction, so don't plan to leave your Burmese home alone for long periods. If you love to be out and about, consider training your Burmese to do therapy cat work at the local hospital or senior community — that way, you can bring him with you for a fun activity!

Munchkin cat breed

Helmi Flick, Animal Photography


Short on height, long on fun — that's the Munchkin for you! This dwarf cat (the result of a spontaneous natural mutation) tends to be an energetic extrovert with an athletic streak that belies his short legs. This low-slung sports car of a feline can be a great travel companion who tends to thrive on meeting new friends.

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