8 Unbelievably Adorable Puppy Vines

Alright, we know it’s only March. But, that means there have already been countless adorable puppy Vines, and we don’t want any of them to get lost in the crowd.

So, we mined the Vines to come up with the best ones out there for 2015. If they’re this cute already, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. P.S., make sure you click the little volume icon in the bottom right corner of each Vine to turn the sound on!

Puppy vs. Strawberry

It’s an epic battle as an adorable puppy takes on his ultimate enemy: the strawberry.

Slow-Motion Dachshunds

It’s a slo-mo stampede when three Doxie puppies gallop toward the camera, ears (and bellies) flopping as they go.

Puppy Chews on Foot

French Bulldog Indy could really use something on which to gnaw. Oh, your foot! He thinks that’s much better than toys.

Peanut Butter Puppy

It’s always entertaining to watch a dog try to lick peanut butter off his nose. But, it’s especially adorable when that dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.


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