9 of the Funniest Dog Sleep Positions

A good night's sleep is crucial for humans and canines. And, just like people, dogs sleep in a variety of positions, some of which are a little... unusual. Click through the gallery to see some of the funny ways dogs settle in to sleep — and share your dog's favorite goofy sleep position in the comments.

9 Funny Canine Sleep Positions

dog sleeping on his back


Back Buster

The right sleep position is crucial for good rest, whether we're talking about humans or canines. But, after a long day of play, this pup didn't have the energy for anything fancy — he just collapsed on his back and dozed off. Bonus: When he wakes up, he's in the perfect position for a belly rub.  

dog sleeping on back with legs up in the air

Marsha Greenberg Underhill via Facebook

Spread Eagle

Similar to the Back Buster, the Spread Eagle requires far more flexibility, as all four legs are flung out, encouraging maximum air flow and facilitating the loudest possible doggie snore.

two dogs spooning while sleeping

Victoria Rosenquist via Facebook


Humans know spooning has all sorts of benefits, including extra warmth on cold nights — and that's true for canines, as well. And these two puppy friends have also learned that spooning is a nice way to keep the one you love close, even when you're snoozing.

dog sleeping ons ide

Hope M. via Facebook

The Chase

Side sleeping, or what we're calling the Chase position, might be the most functional of all dog sleep positions: It provides the perfect angle for a good running dream, which combines rest and exercise.

dog sleeping curled up


Lima Bean

Is there anything cuter than a tiny puppy curled up like a little lima bean? We think the answer is no, there is not.

one dog laying on another dog

Rita K. via Facebook

Pooch Pillow

Dogs are soft, cuddly and comfortable — even other dogs know this. So, it's no wonder that this pooch is using his friend as a pillow during their nap. After all, he's snugglier than a sofa cushion!

dog sleeping on person on beach


Pooch Pillow Alternative

If your dog isn't able to find another dog to use as a pillow, he may settle for sleeping on you. Because you are also soft and cuddly and available — and because he knows that he owns you, not the other way around.

dog laying all splayed out

Yvonne K. via Facebook

I Am Superman

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... an adorable dog, ready to doze off and dream of being a superhero. Fly high, little pup.

dog hiding while sleeping

Joe Peris via Facebook

Sorry, Can't See You

Just like teenagers, some dogs don't want to get out of bed in the morning. And, also like teenagers, some dogs seem to be convinced that if they do not acknowledge your presence, you will not wake them up. The best way to do this? Avoid eye contact at all costs, even if it means sleeping with your face covered. Well played, dog.

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