A Cat's Guide to Dominating Hide-and-Seek

OK, let's try this again. Take a cue from your wild ancestors.

Hide and Seek Cat in the Garden
"Mia is a 1-and-a-half-year-old American Bobtail. Mia is an indoor cat who loves to explore the outdoors on her harness with her three canine sisters. Her favorite hiding spots are tall grasses, bushes and bluffs!" —Kasey Corbett

Choose a hiding spot you can zip up.

Hide and Seek Cat in Tent
"This is our cat Bart. He is 10 years old and loves to play hide-and-seek. He is very loving and laid-back." —Brenda Carosone

Or one you can move into a corner.

Hide and Seek Cat Behind Tunnel
"This is my 3-year-old cat, Palmer. He loves to play all the time, especially in his tunnel." —Michelle Joiner

Or one that can't be seen from above.

Hide and Seek Cat in Pink Bag
"Lucy loves to hide in my shopping bags and jump out at us, 'scaring' us so we jump." —Elizabeth Stofleth

If nothing else, at least pick one that's comfortable.

Hide and Seek Cat Under Purple Blanket
"Dexter loves to hide under the covers." —Bonnie Jones

Basically, just call upon your inner cat and you will be unbeatable.

Hide and Seek Cat in Curtains
"In my old apartment before we moved." —Donna Glick

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