A Dog’s Guide to Having a Fun and Relaxing Summer Vacation

Everyone we know is out of town right now — and we hope you are, too. We’d like to think you’re reading this under a beach umbrella with a tropical drink in hand and your pup curled up beside you. Or maybe you and Bella are relaxing at your campsite after an adventurous day of hiking in the mountains. Wherever you are with your canine, make sure you follow her advice so that your vacation is as fun and carefree as possible. Because if you’re stressed out, you’re doing it wrong!

1. Pack light.

Obviously bring all the canine (and human) essentials. But let’s be honest — who wants to haul heavy suitcases around all day?

Carley the longhaired Dachshund helps pack.
Need help packing? Ask Carley the 4-year-old Dachshund.

2. Buckle up.

We want you and your animal to get to your destination safely. Why take any risks?

Sophie wears Doggles in the car.
Sophie is ready for a road trip.

3. Be helpful.

Offer to pitch the tent or make dinner. Play to your strengths.

Miley the black Lab mix at a campsite
Miley the black Lab mix is only 4 months old, and she's already a pro at camping.

4. Don’t forget to take naps.

The longer, the better.

Nitto the Boxer puppy naps in a hammock
Nitto the Boxer puppy snoozes through his first camping trip.

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