A Labrador’s Guide to Having the Best Summer of All Time

Summer is here, and we couldn't be happier about it. Do you know who else couldn't be happier about the arrival of the most glorious season of the year? Labradors!

We asked this beloved breed for some advice on how to enjoy the summer as only a Lab can!

Swim! (Obviously.)

Lab Swimming
With proper sun protection, of course.

Then soak a human.

Lab Shaking Off Water
Is there anything cuter than this move?

See something that takes your breath away.

Lab on Mountain
Milo, a 1-year-old Lab-Beagle mix, is on top of the world with his human, Sara Croft of Red Hook, N.Y.

Dress up and throw an awesome party for all your friends.

Lab in Tutu
Chloe Linn is a 5-year-old chocolate Lab who lives in Marietta, Ga.

Do what Labs do best: Play ball!

Lab With Tennis Ball
A Labrador and his tennis ball: a summer love story.

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