A Vet Shares Why These 5 Patients Hold a Special Place in Her Heart

3. Ruby. You know you’re having a bad day when your canine housemate shakes you by the neck three days before New Year's Eve, and the injuries keep you hospitalized until deep into February. This dog is home now, but she’ll always be with us. It was touch and go for a time, but she made it through with lots (and lots!) of patience.

Why is Ruby special? It’s probably because we all refused to give up. Long past the point where her owner could afford the treatments, we all collectively agreed that we’d pool our resources and keep Ruby going. The fact that she tolerated our ministrations and even came to enjoy living at our practice (despite the many discomforts) makes her a permanent part of our family.

4. Maggie. She started out as a flea-bitten, heartworm-ridden, mange-infested yellow Lab someone found abandoned in the Everglades. The finder said, “It’s too much for her. Put her to sleep.” We took her in and fixed her all up. She now lives right across the street from me in the best forever home ever. Great story, right?

5. Miranda. She’s a skinny old cat, who looks like hyperthyroidism is about to swallow her whole, but I can't help adoring her.

Miranda’s somehow managed to survive the past year or two of her life with an aggressive skin cancer inside her ear. It's not pretty, and despite the many baths and treatments, it persists. But as long as we keep it from getting out of control she seems comfortable enough… so we let her be.

Miranda doesn’t care. She lives what’s left of her lengthy life perched atop the insensate knees of her paraplegic owner. She’s a happy cat. I know, because I make plenty of hospice house calls to her bedside. What’s more, she keeps her owner alive. And this makes her among the most important patients I’ve ever had.

That’s my list!

Disclaimer: This list includes only the living. There are way more patients who might’ve made the list in years past but have passed on. I had to find some way of making the selection process easier!

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