Avoid Accidents: How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing in the House

Dogs naturally want to keep their personal area clean, so creating a smaller space inside your house for your dog to lounge in canreduce the likelihood of an accident while you’re away. Use an exercise pen or baby gate to section off an area of your home, ideally one that is near the doggy door and is free of carpet or rugs. Make the space inviting by including bedding, water and food puzzles, to keep your dog comfortable and busy while you’re away.

Your dog’s accidents may also be related to how long you’re gone. She may prefer not to go outside while you’re away and instead may be waiting until you arrive home. On days when you’re gone for longer-than-normal periods, she may not be able to hold on until you get back — which may mean she’s not able to stay home alone on those days. If she’s friendly with other dogs, take her to doggy day care, where she will have plenty of interaction and potty breaks. Another option is to have a neighbor or professional dog walker come in during the day to ensure that she goes potty — outside.

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