Boating With Dogs: 9 Safety Tips

7. Keep your dog hydrated. If you’re going to be out boating in the sun all day, be aware that your dog may be in danger of overheating. “Pets can get hot if they don’t have enough water, so remember to have plenty of fresh water on hand and put out a dish for them,” Botsford says. “Also provide shade.”

8. Don’t skip sun protection. It’s also important to remember that if your dog is spending time in the sun, he may need sunscreen protection. Hopkins recommends bringing a light, unscented SPF 15 spray. She also says to be aware that boat surfaces tend to become very hot in the sun. Know which areas will heat up, and protect your dog’s feet.

9. Use common sense. The best thing you can do when you have an animal on your boat is use common sense. If there are areas that may become slippery and cause your dog to fall, block them off. In addition, always knowing your dog’s location will help you be aware if he is in any danger.

“Pay attention to where you pets are at all times, just like you would with kids,” Botsford says.

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